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Boquita de Cielo is a London based art studio run by Belgians Koen Meersman and Kris Scheerlinck. The studio specialises in bespoke handmade ceramics tiles and murals, and sculptural pieces.
Koen is an interior architect and artist. For many years he has worked as a set designer and art director in the fields of design and fashion. He has taught higher education design courses in Barcelona, Rotterdam and Brussels. As an artist, his work centres on exploring textures based on systematic repetitions. His art work has been exhibited in galleries in New York, Tel Aviv and Ghent.
Kris is an architect. He holds a PhD in Architecture and has a tenure professorship at the Leuven University in Belgium. He combines lecturing with leading research projects in London, New York, Barcelona, Brussels, among other major cities. His expertise lies in unveiling the multiple narratives emerging from the textures and details within complex architectural environments.
Together they combine five decades of professional experience in creating spaces at different scales. They focus on the combination of systematic repetitions of shapes and volumes on one hand, with an eclectic juxtaposition of textures, materials and high-end finishes on the other. They have worked on domestic, commercial and cultural projects internationally.
Koen and Kris’ approach is hands-on, to say the least. From inception to completion, they actively participated in each stage of their projects, including the building process. This approach translated into their personal lives: while building their own home, the quest for the perfect ceramic tiles led to a new and exciting chapter, which they have developed into a professional practice through Boquita de Cielo.
They have lived in many countries, but their hearts are drawn to warm climates. Their work is inspired by the memories of a life under the sun. Boquita de Cielo refers to the story of two kids in a passionate search of a mythical beach, as told in the Mexican movie “Y Tu Mamá También” by Alfonso Cuarón.
Boquita de Cielo has no catalogue. Every mural, tile and sculpture is one-of-a-kind, site-specific and developed through conversations with the client. Each piece is hand made by Koen and Kris in their London studio - from clay wedging to cutting, sculpting and glazing. They only use premium clays and develop their own range of natural glazes.
Boquita de Cielo stands for unexpected combinations of hand-carved textures and high-end finishings, highlighting the spatial qualities in architectural projects of a domestic or commercial nature or within the hospitality industry.
Every piece we develop is perfectly imperfect
and therefore unique.”

To view installed bespoke ceramic murals, tiles, sculptural pieces and daily updates, please visit @boquitadecielo.

Sabato Magazine/De Tijd (Belgium) February 2022

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Residence Magazine (The Netherlands) June 2021

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Beddable (United Kingdom) November 2020

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L'Echo (Belgium/Netherlands) February 2022

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