Collaboration Three:

Artist and boxer Alper Aksoy

for Boquita de Cielo.

Alper had a close look at our projects and our studio

and made us a knock-out series

of architectural drawings,

suggesting a ceramics wonder world.

Boquita de Cielo, London meets the tropics.

Alper Aksoy 1.jpg
Alper Aksoy 2.jpg
Alper Aksoy 3.jpg

Collaboration Two:

Artist and photographer Giannina Urmeneta Ottiker

for Boquita de Cielo.

Splashes of colours and tiles.

A journey through sun-bleached Flanders fields.

Giannina's touch.

Summer in full bloom.

Collaboration One:

Photographer Daniel Riera for Boquita de Cielo.

Little bits of heaven,

shipped from London to Barcelona during lockdown.

The story of how a handful of ceramic pieces

found warmth and golden sunlight in Daniel's studio.


Photo by Daniel Riera 1.jpg
Photo by Daniel Riera 2.jpg
Photo by Daniel Riera 3.jpg
Photo by Daniel Riera 4.jpg
Photo by Daniel Riera 5.jpg
Photo by Daniel Riera 6.jpg